1   What is the idea of this project?


For over 20 years the newlyweds of all over the world have a tradition to hang a love lock on a tree or a bridge and throw the key unto the river. It seems the author of this funny tradition is an Italian writer Frederico Moccia who had written a novel “Three meters above the sky”. The main characters of this novel hang their lock on a chain wound around a lamp post on a bridge and threw the key into the Tiber river. The locked lock had to symbolize the vow of the youngsters in eternal love and marital fidelity.

Initially, this tradition gained strength with Italians who started hanging their locks on the Ponte Milvio (the Milvian bridge), and then the tradition spread to other nations and is now an inseparable part of any wedding ceremony. The amorous pairs from the USA, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, China and many other countries would like to lock their happiness "by lock". In the USA such locks may be found on the Brooklyn bridge in New-York, in Germany on the Hohenzollern bridge, in France they are everywhere on the Pont des Artes in Paris, and in Moscow special trees have been constructed on the Luzhkov bridge for these locks of eternal love.

In any country and in any city there are several such places and it is no winder any. But all newlyweds wish something special, something unique… What can be done in this case? I suggest to you to hang your lock on a single Internet tree for newlyweds. This is the first such project in Internet which gives you a possibility to become first in creating a new tradition. It offers a possibility to register for 1 million couples only.

The locks on this site are chargeable, but this price is symbolic. You may load your wedding photo inside the lock, write down the names and the date of your wedding. As soon as you hang the lock on the tree, the key to it disappears. Thus, you may fully observe the tradition: close your couple happiness "by lock" and lose the key from the lock. All this looks truly realistically!

The tree already carries purchased locked locks and free locks. In order to see well your photo I decided not to show all the locks on the tree (they would be too small). All purchased locks shall alternate in 5 seconds. Thus, each couple can see themselves on the love tree. But if you would not like to wait you may simply use the number of the lock or your email address. In this case your lock would appear on the screen at once.
Everybody knows that each wedding anniversary is specific and has its particular name. I have tried to take it into account. You have two possibilities:

• either to buy a lock costing 4.99$ into which you can load your wedding photo, enter your names and wedding date,

• or to buy a lock costing 5.99$ with annual renewal which would correspond to the anniversary of your wedding. You may also load your wedding photo, enter your names and wedding date into it. What is an annual renewal? I will try to explain it by an example: if you have just married till the first anniversary you have a green wedding. It means that your lock has a branch of May green on your lock throughout the first year of your married life. After one year, on the day of the first anniversary the May green will be replaced with the paper origami notifying everyone that you have a “paper” wedding. Thus, your lock will be renewed year in year out and show how many years you are already together. All possible designs of locks by dates may be seen if you click on an open lock on the tree. I suggest to renew the decoration on your lock on the following dates:

0 to 1 year – green wedding;
1 year – paper wedding;
2 years – cotton wedding;
3 years – glass wedding;
4 years – silk wedding;
5 years – wooden wedding;
6 years – iron wedding;
7 years – woolen wedding;
8 years – lace wedding;
9 years – leather wedding;
10 years – diamond wedding;
15 years – clock wedding;
20 years – porcelain wedding;
25 years – silver wedding;
50 years – golden wedding;
60 years – diamond wedding.

Remember, the once purchased lock would remind you of one of the happiest days in your life!