2   How this idea came to my mind?

You will never lose your happiness!

My name is Kate and I am 26 years old. 2 years ago I married my beloved. On one of the evenings my husband and I had a stroll around the places where we had our pre-wedding walks. Imagine how surprised we were not to find our love lock! More likely than not it was cut off from the bridge... Honestly speaking, I was greatly disappointed. Therefore on the nearest weekend we bought a new love lock and went to the Luzhkov bridge to hang it on a tree. Thus an idea of this project came to my mind: to make an internet tree for newlyweds on which nobody and never will cut off or spoil your lock. You may find it at any time and show it to your family and friends! You may also share this remarkable event with all your friends in facebook, twitter and other social networks! The love lock will always remind you of the happy day when you became one whole with your second half! :)