3   Why to buy the lock?

I propose to you to buy the lock of love on the internet tree for newlyweds on the following reasons:
• The lock would be an exclusive gift to your beloved!!!

• You may buy a lock for your nearest and dearest, and it will become an original gift for a wedding any wedding anniversary!

• You may make a gift of it to the anniversary of your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. When they married each other there were no such tradition in their time. Now, by buying a lock you may congratulate them with their wedding anniversary or jubilee. For instance, your parents live together already for 25 years and they have a silver wedding – so why not to tell everyone about it!

• This lock will not be cut off, it will not be spoilt, nor lost and at any time you may find it on the site and show it to your kin, to your nearest and dearest. By knowing the number of your lock they can visit the site and find it independently.

• You may share the news that you have hung the lock on an unusual internet tree with all your friends and pals in various social networks.

• You may make a surprise to your second half on the Saint Valentine's Day.

• If you are going to get married, by making a gift of the lock you may make an original proposal to your beloved!

It is possible to think of and enumerate many reasons, but it seems to me that a loving heart will prompt you better than me:).