4   How to buy the lock?

In order to buy a lock, click on an open lock. You have two possibilities:

• either to buy a lock costing 4.99$ into which you can load your wedding photo, enter your names and the wedding date,

• or to buy a lock costing 5.99$ with an annual renewal which would correspond to your wedding anniversary. You may also load your wedding photo, enter your names and the wedding date. What is an annual renewal? I will try to explain it by an example: if you are just married, till the first anniversary of your joint life you have a green wedding so a May green tree branch will decorate your lock throughout the whole year. In one year, on the day of your first anniversary, the May green will be changed by the origami paper flowers, notifying everyone that you have a paper wedding. Thus, your lock will be renewed year in year out and show how many years you live together. All possible designs of the lock by dates may be seen by clicking on an open lock on the tree. I propose to renew your lock upon the following dates:

0 to 1 year – green wedding;
1 year – paper wedding;
2 years – cotton wedding;
3 years – glass wedding;
4 years – silk wedding;
5 years – wooden wedding;
6 years – iron wedding;
7 years – woolen wedding;
8 years – lace wedding;
9 years – leather wedding;
10 years – diamond wedding;
15 years – clock wedding;
20 years – porcelain wedding;
25 years – silver wedding;
50 years – golden wedding;
60 years – diamond wedding.

• It is possible to load your photo in the JPEG, GIF formats

• The photograph should be of the size not less and not greater 300x300px 2000x2000px.

• You can pay for the lock with:




American express



Diners Club International

Debit card

• Please, pay attention that after buying the lock you may remove or edit your lock by writing to onemillionlovinghearts@gmail.com.After removal of your lock the money is not returned.

• The administration of the site has the right to remove / edit the lock in case you enter inside the lock indecent photographs or inscriptions (filthy language, indecent expressions, etc.).

• If your lock is removed / edited by the administration of the site upon the above reasons, the money is not returned.